Open Systems Antwerp Art Days 2017

Open Systems presents a range of practices which draw on the conceptual, procedural and material emphasis of non-objective painting and on the conventions of painting as object, formalist minimalism and process based conceptualism. Space as concept and as material is invoked in an eliding of the representational in favour of engagements with conceptual spaces for making. These are negotiations between the idea of space and the experience of space, that is, representations of space (the abstract, conceptual spaces of the architect or cartographer) and the spaces of lived experience which are appropriated to be reworked at the level of imagination. With artists Egbert Aerts, Stefan Annerel, Kristien Dirkx, Peter Hulsmans, Noel Ivanoff, Alexandra Kennedy, Michael Laird, Fred Michiels and Ruth van Haren Noman.